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HOW TO MEASURE YOUR FOOT (without any special equipment):

Follow this procedure to help us choose the right size for you. Stand on a white paper. Draw a line right in front of your big toe and a line back exactly where your heel ends. You can either do it while standing or sitting in a chair. Remember to measure your foot without shoes.
Measure diagonally the distance between these two lines. (is the distance from your heel to your big finger)

♥If you having hard time with the size , don' worry! Just send me a convo with the length of your foot in cm (give us A and B length ) and I will do the match for you!!!Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions, recommendations or in case you want to share something with us and we will always be there to assist you. ♥

♥ Thank you for visiting my shop ♥.

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